From our experience, we know how valuable it is to group several services in packages in order to efficiently address relocation needs of families. These relocation packages have been designed to benefit the client’s comfort. We nevertheless work with tailor-made solutions so we would be delighted to offer a personalised package of services to address all your needs.


The Relocation4U team knows from first hand experience how different it is to move to Berlin with or without family. To know to whom you can trust your kids is of key importance and since we care as much as you about your children, we know what steps you should take to feel to be in good hands. Our family package is specifically designed to get you and your family to feel at home in Berlin from day 1. We take care about all the details so we are in a position to advise you about schools or baby-sitters whichever best fit your kids. We are well aware what will bring you and your family peace-of-mind and hence offer:

  • Home search
  • School or Kindergarden search
  • Application of Kitagutschein and Kindergeld
  • Home cleaning services
  • Baby-sitting services
  • Information about health insurance and coverage
  • A list of medical specialists (able to communicate in the client’s mother tongue)
  • A list of sport clubs and further venues for after-school childrens’ activities
  • Residence registration


Under this package, we aim to comprise all the services that will help clients to get a better idea about how their new environment would look like once they move to Berlin. With our knowledge, we aim to clarify any question or uncertainty about the city of Berlin.

  • Pick up services from/to Airport, hotel or flat reservations for short stay as well as transits during orientation tour
  • Tailor-made tour of the city visiting the main residential areas recommended taking into account the client’s preferences
  • Personalised information about the living costs in Berlin


With this package, we aim to simplify and quickly check the boxes of all procedures (especially, the bureaucratic ones) due to be undertaken upon arrival in Berlin. We relieve clients from such duties so that they can relax and enjoy the city from day 1.

  • Opening of bank account(s)
  • Contracting services such as phone line, Internet, TV, etc
  • Resident registration
  • Health, House and liability insurances
  • Solutions for small repairs or improvements to the new home
  • A list with practical information and addresses (hospitals, pharmacies, shops, etc) in selected neighbourhood


Finally we offer this package hoping that clients would have pleasant memories when leaving Berlin. For that purpose, we take care of everything that could cause our clients headaches or burdens leaving them with clear mind to plan their next moving project.

  • Cancellation of rental contract and giving notice to school or kindergarden
  • Returning home keys with all the necessary checks of inventory and return of deposit
  • Cancellation of all utility contracts (electricity, gas, TV, telephone, etc)
  • Movers services to new destination


We have included under this package specific services for clients required to comply with different requirements than those followed by EU citizens.

  • Visa and residence permits
  • Work permit
  • Information about immigration laws
  • Accreditation of studies
  • Accreditation of driving license