The school system in Germany is quite complex. In order to facilitate its understanding, we provide a guide about the educational system in Berlin for our clients to get them familiarised with the subject.

Berlin offers a good variety of school centres; private, public, international as well as bilingual, Waldorf and even vegan schools.

Apart from the complexity of the school system, we should add the problem of scarcity of available places in kindergarden, which considerably  complicates the finding of available places in Berlin.

We offer:

  • Advisory services about the main features and peculiarities of the different school centres in Berlin
  • Preselection of schools and kindergardens according to client’s needs and expectations
  • Organisation of meetings and visits to preselected schools
  • Assistance with the application of official documents (Kitagutschein) required for
  • Kindergarden admission
  • Providing a list of addresses for studying help (Nachhilfe) as well as after-school activities such as music or sports classes
  • Search of baby-sitter (hourly basis) as well as addresses of playgrounds for small children
  • Search for Au-Pair