The housing market in Berlin has experienced some quite rapid changes in the past years. Apart from a considerable increase of renting prices, there is a growing demand for homes, and so there are fewer on offer. This makes the finding of property in Berlin a real challenge. Nonetheless, Berlin continues to be an attractive city with relatively competitive housing prices in comparison to other European capitals.

We offer:

  • Advisory services on Berlin’s residential areas and neighbourhoods
  • Creation of a personal preference profile for a target and efficient search
  • Search and selection of properties through our private network of landlords and different real state agencies
  • Organisation of visits to check selected properties
  • Accompanying and advising clients during property visits
  • Preparation and submission of the solvency documentation required by all landlords, including the request of Schufa (credit scoring register)
  • Clarification and explanation of the rental contract and assistance with the signature and the handling of the keys
  • Initial and regular home cleaning services
  • Contracting of utility services such as phone line, Internet, TV, etc
  • Cooperation with professional of interior designs to decorate your new home
  • Search for parking spaces near your new home
  • Search for a studio or furnished apartment for short or temporary stays