About Us

Marcela and Rebeca moved to Berlin with their families in the year 2011. From their first hand experience and deep knowledge of Berlin they founded Relocation4U to help their clients having the most positive experience when settling down in Berlin.

Rebeca Pardiñas

After fourteen years working as a lawyer in Madrid, I moved to Berlin with my family. Such a move has given me the experience and the necessary know-how to be able to solve any issue that involves relocation in a new country. In addition, I have become very aware about the worries of families moving to Berlin since I have been through and experienced a similar situation.

Marcela Gaybor

Public Affairs and Communications specialist, lived in the USA, France and Belgium. Worked long time in international organisations and speaks four languages. To help expats settling down in Berlin is like a “deja-vu”of myself when I first moved to this city but avoiding all pitfalls and saving clients so much energy and trouble so that they can enjoy Berlin without having to worry about anything.